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At Sheridan Training we focus on the communication, and time management skills that are the difference between good and great. We give learners the confidence to build strong working relationships, contribute at a higher level, and grow into leadership roles.

Our approach improves the result of your business process and ensures expertise with the tools that drive your business.

We were virtual training experts long before the hybrid economy. Our trainers leverage years of remote training mastery to ensure skill acquisition. We collaborate with you to ensure that our teaching points, stories, and scenarios match your goals for adoption.

Let’s connect and talk about how to work together toward success.

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Tom Sheridan

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career training, coaching and transforming a small training practice into a global training leader for large life science companies.

We were one of the first to master virtual training delivery, and trained thousands of learners on cloud-based CRM applications, soft skills, and business process. Experiencing that kind of success was wonderful but collaborating with client teams to overcome challenges on the way to success made the journey special. You can look at my LinkedIn profile for details, but I’ll share some of my personal background here.

Like you, I bring more than just professional training experience to engagements. After graduating from Boston College, I stayed in New England to begin a radio career on Martha’s Vineyard, eventually landing a show in Boston with CBS radio. The lessons learned as a broadcaster and program director would come in handy when working with corporate learning and development teams.

I recognized that many of the skill sets used in broadcasting applied to both classroom and virtual training. Success followed. My skill in the classroom led to management, then V.P. of Training for NIIT’s Eagle Productivity Solutions.

I started Sheridan Training because of my passion for solving business challenges with training solutions. We help your teams find the key to unlock the door to success.
There is nothing like the feeling we get when clients rave about our training. Let us create and deliver training that your teams will love.

Always learning,

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Let us create and deliver training that your teams will love.