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Successful careers and incredible achievement rely on productivity skills for clear communication, organization, and team planning. Our group sessions are fun, focused on critical skills, and result in a team mindset that will drive the results of your company.

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We can help you break through productivity barriers

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Improve results with any of our current classes.
Face to face or Virtual classrooms for the hybrid workforce.

A 4-hour productivity and planning class that will keep your teams organized, motivated, and connected to success! This is the class that will help you break through any wall that has stalled your progress.
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A 2-hour class that addresses the most important topic in the workplace. Learn to create an inclusive environment through strategies that result in respect and results.
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Strategies and skills that keep you connected to your global corporate community. Send the right message, ensure clarity, and avoid cultural colloquialisms. Collaborative training that encourages input and best practices.
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Learn the control skills that drive results using Teams. Leverage this productivity powerhouse to effectively manage a full plate.
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Become an expert with Microsoft Office. Stop modifying someone else’s work and learn to create impactful documents for yourself. We will customize Advanced Excel to meet your specific needs.
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Sheridan Training

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Empowering learners at an essential level

With over a half a century of combined experience, our Instructional Designers and Trainers collaborate to deliver corporate training solutions for Fortune 500 companies, and small to mid-sized companies alike. You’ll be working with a team that has been together for years and knows what it takes to empower learners at an essential level.


We produce memorable training your teams need to succeed

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Training your team will never forget.

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Our Mission

To ensure your people acquire the knowledge and skills that enrich their work, careers, and lives.

We chose this profession to help others achieve their dreams. Most of us want to succeed at work but need some help along the way. We show people how to reach their goals. Put us on the frontlines with people who roll up their sleeves and managers who need the skills to lead.

We “bring it” with passion so that people stay engaged and enjoy being challenged while learning. Whether we are designing a new class or delivering one of our master classes you can count on great results.

Let us create and deliver training that your teams will love.

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