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Veeva CRM Sales Training

Blend the Power of Veeva & Sheridan Training


Best-in-class CRM that brings value to every HCP interaction.

Sheridan Training

Level up Veeva skills across your Primary Care, Specialty Care, MSL and KAM teams.


Professional Development Classes
Our training transforms top performers into effective leaders.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication, seamless organization, and meticulous planning stand as the pillars of success for any organization. Leadership development training should guide your teams from on-boarding to mid-career, and upper management. Enter Sheridan Training, your ultimate partner in honing these crucial skills.

High Impact Leadership

Self-awareness, employee engagement, coaching, problem solving, and more.
We build champions.

The Power of Outlook

Overbooked, unprepared, and unorganized? Stop that, before it stops you! Master Outlook and double your productivity.

Powerful Presentations

Master presentation skills that will motivate your teams, build trust with customers, and advance your career.

Microsoft Certified Office Training

Master Excel!
Create spreadsheets that reveal the needs of the business.
Present and motivate with incredible PowerPoint slides.
Write Word documents that clearly convey your point.

MS OneNote Collaboration

OneNote. One place where you collect what’s important, make informed decisions, and collaborate with colleagues.

Success with Microsoft Teams

Learn the control skills that drive results using Teams. Leverage this productivity powerhouse to effectively manage a full plate.

Sheridan Training

Better business results

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We empower leaders at every level

In the contemporary business landscape, the role of effective leadership holds immense significance, irrespective of one’s position within the organization. Whether steering a major division or a smaller unit, adept leadership enhances collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability. When leaders across the hierarchy collaborate, they chart a course through complex challenges, guiding the enterprise towards triumph.


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To ensure your people acquire the knowledge and skills that enrich their work, careers, and lives.

We chose this profession to help others achieve their dreams. Most of us want to succeed at work but need some help along the way. We show people how to reach their goals. Put us on the frontlines with people who roll up their sleeves and managers who need the skills to lead.

We “bring it” with passion so that people stay engaged and enjoy being challenged while learning. Whether we are designing a new class or delivering one of our master classes you can count on great results.

Let us create and deliver training that your teams will love.

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